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At Newport Furnishings, our Albuquerque furniture specialists are dedicated to helping you express your unique personality throughout each room of your home. To aid you in this endeavor, we offer you interior design and room planning services as well as a collection of furnishing styles to fit your personality. We offer contemporary and traditional styles and everything in between! And it's all made right here in the great USA!  Quality, affordable, domestically made furniture unique to you!  That's what we offer you here at Newport Furnishings & Design of Albuquerque!

Whatever aesthetic you would like to create within the rooms of your home, our experienced interior design experts at Newport Furnishings are here to help. We have the skills and knowledge to help you select pieces from our furniture sources that complement your room design as well as assist you with color coordination, scale and style selection. Contact our Albuquerque furniture outlet for more information on our interior design services.

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Not only do we want to help you create a room that expresses your unique personality but also ensure that you have no issues with the spacing in your rooms. Our home furnishings specialists will come to your home, take proper measurements, and strategize a plan for each piece of furniture you purchase. With our room planning services and Room Fit guarantee, you won't have to fret over a piece not fitting properly or looking awkward among the rest of your furnishings.

to start expressing your personality with our unique Albuquerque furniture styles!  Newport Furnishings strives to allow your personality and creativity to shine forth throughout your home. For this reason, we offer fine home furnishings in a variety of styles that can be customized to meet your needs. From contemporary to French countryside, we have the options you need at an affordable price.


When you come to Newport Furnishings in Albuquerque, NM, you can be rest assured knowing that you are receiving high-quality, custom furniture designed to coordinate with your home's aesthetics. Contact our Albuquerque furniture store today for information on our wide array of affordable, American made home furnishings as well as our interior design and room planning services.

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